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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine focuses on restoring function and structure to damaged or injured tissue in as natural a way as possible. It harnesses your body’s healing response, stimulating new cell growth and helping your body repair itself with maximum efficiency.
Our skilled doctors offer regenerative therapies to decrease pain, heal soft tissues, and restore joint function for men and women who suffer from joint injuries or degenerative conditions. In some cases, regenerative medicine can provide hope and healing for otherwise difficult to treat illnesses or health conditions Depending on your age, condition, and overall health, you may benefit from a combination of regenerative therapies.

Helping your body repair itself with maximum efficiency

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells can develop into many different types of cells, such as replacement tissue for a damaged knee joint or shoulder tendon. Stem cells are typically harvested from bone marrow extracted from your hip, and they can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery.

Other types of therapy.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy uses your blood platelets to heal wounds and soft tissue injuries.PRP plays a critical role in activating your body’s stem cells to regenerate healthy tissue at the site of an injury where tendons and ligaments have been damaged.


Prolotherapy triggers your body’s natural healing response with an injection of an irritant, such as sugar water or salt water, that stimulates the production of new collagen. Prolotherapy can help heal a range of orthopedic conditions,
including chronic pain.

What conditions does
regenerative medicine treat?

Our physicians have had a high
success rate using regenerative medicine to treat conditions
relating to:

Soft tissue
Nerve injuries
Spinal pain
Chronic pain
Diabetic Wounds


Regenerative medicine harnesses your body’s innate ability to heal itself after illness or injury. This allows for natural pain relief instead of prescription medications.


Our physicians use cutting-edge treatments like PRP and stem cell therapy to heal injuries and relieve pain. Our patients experience Improved mobility and function.


With no invasive surgeries or long recovery times our patients enjoy educed time away from sports, work, or daily activities.