The best doctors for your client. The best documentation for your case.


Our doctors are experts in orthopedic and regenerative protocols. We can establish a quick surgical diagnosis plus offer an alternate therapy that works for lower limit patients, allowing you to settle much faster


Our physician team is comprised of industry leaders in the field of orthopedics, nerosurgery and regenerative medicine. Their clients look like a veritable who’s who of sports medicine. Diagnosis and treatment plan is confirmed. Injury is documented with imaging if needed.


Even if surgery is not an option, studies have shown that pain levels after regenerative treatments were significantly less after only two days and the patient experienced continued improvement up to two years after the treatment. We have a viable and effective alternative for your clients.

How it works for our firms and their clients.

 Our case managers will assist your client to schedule a comprehensive physical Orthopedic physical exam and medical history with the treating physician. If necesarry, the client will go to imaging.  The treating physician will confirm the diagnosis and develop their  treatment plan. If appropriate, the client is referred for surgery.
If surgery is not covered, or not indicated, regenerative medicine protocols are used. Your client will go through pre-procedure tests to ensure they are fit for the regnerative medicine injection process.
Once they are determined to be a suitable candidate for regenerative medicine, the client will receive an injection or series of injections based on their treatment plan. Your client can then rest and recover from the injection process, generally two days time. One of our case managers will follow up with your client and assist with scheduling needed, for additional appointments with a rehab therapist.


We are with you every step of the way.

Our case managers are experienced in the medical field. We understand the treatments and the options and work to educate your clients on what they can expect. We walk them through the process and document their condition, diagnosis and treatments needed and given.

Helping your clients set appointments.

Educating your clients on alternatives.

Following up after treatment to monitor improvement.

Our team.

Lucia Fields, RN, BSN, Diplomate, ABAAHP Fellow, Stem Cells ABAARM

Managing Partner

Justin Fields

Account Executive/Case Manager

Kim Daniels, RN, BSN,

Case Manager

Maria Isbell


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